Q. There are so many options what modchip is best for me?

A. You can use our modchip selector  here  or give us a call or an email and we will help you decide what option is best for you.

Q. Can I use my RGH/JTAG on Xbox Live?

A. To use a RGH/Jtag console on Xbox Live you will need to use a stealth server. Stealth servers usually cost money. We have nothing to do with setting up stealth servers so you will need to research them yourself (just google "RGH stealth server")

Q. Can you setup my RGH/JTAG to go on Xbox Live?

A. No we do not offer any support for getting modded Xbox 360's on to Xbox Live. If you want to use yours online you will need to research how to do this yourself.

Q. My friend told me there is a patch that will stop me getting banned can you install this?

A. There is no patch or software that we can install on your Xbox that will stop you getting banned. The only way to reduce your chance of getting banned is to use a stealth server like Ninja XBLS or Not XBLS. These servers cost money and if you want to use them you will have to contact them yourself. We do not have anything to do with them and we offer no support for setting them up.

Q. Can you install Stealth on my RGH/JTAG so I can go on Xbox Live safely?

A. No you will need to look into stealth servers which we have nothing to do with.

Q. My dual nand system has been banned and I got a new KV and installed it on the hacked nand and stock nand but the stock side won't boot now?

A. You cannot unban the stock side of a dual nand system. If the stock/retail side gets banned it is banned for life.

Q. Can you install some mod menus for me?

A. We can provide some on a disc with basic instructions on how to set them up when you purchase any pre-modded console or RGH install. We offer NO support for setting them up. If you get stuck YouTube is your best resource for support.

Q. Can I use an external hard drive to load games onto?

A. Yes you can, we supply instructions to guide you through the process.

Q. Is it safe to RGH/JTAG my Xbox 360? Can it damage by Xbox

A. Yes the process is 100% safe IF you use an experience installer with the correct equipment. We have been modding Xbox 360's since 2009 and have invested in good quality equipment to make sure you Xbox 360 is 100% safe during the install. We see every week consoles brought in that have been damaged by poor installs. This then increases the price of the install as you have to pay to get your Xbox repaired or worse case the damage cannot be repaired and your Xbox is a write off. Don't risk it! get it installed correctly the first time by a team who know what they are doing.

Q. When I send my console to you do I need to send all the cables and accessories?

A. No we only need your Xbox 360 itself. If you want any additional software installed on any hard drives we will need the hard drive.

Q. Can all Xbox 360's be modchipped?

A. No 99% of Xbox 360's can have the RGH/JTAG mod done. Dashboard/kernel version does not matter.

Xenon/Zephyr = 1st generation, hard to RGH and very likely to get red ring of death. If you have one of these consoles we suggest you sell it and buy a newer generation.

Opus/Falcon/Jasper (phats) = Reliable to RGH

Trinity/Corona (slims) = Reliable to RGH

Winchester = Can not currently have the RGH mod done.

Q. My Xbox 360 does not turn on will a RGH/JTAG fix this?

A. No if your Xbox 360 has a fault that stops it functioning this will need to be repaired before we can install a RGH/JTAG mod.

Q. Can you RGH/JTAG a Xbox One?

A. There is currently no hack/modchip for the Xbox One.

Q. What is the difference between Reset Glitch Hack, RGH, JTAG and R-Jtag

A. All of these relate to the process involved to get your Xbox 360 modded, the end result is exactly the same. The JTAG process can only be done on consoles on dashboard 2.0.7371 or lower. This dashboard is very old now and it is extremely rare to find a console on this dashboard. R-Jtag can only be done on phat consoles and requires RGH to work, RGH comes in many forms and is the most common process and the most commonly used name for all of the above. 

There is no advantage to having a JTAG over a RGH infact RGH has the benefit of being able to have a dual nand system with safe Xbox Live access on the stock side. This can not be done with a JTAG

Q. Is it Illegal to RGH/JTAG a Xbox 360?

A. No modding your Xbox 360 is 100% legal. Copying/Backing up games you do not actually own to your hard drive to play without the disc is illegal.

Q. How will I know how to use my RGH/JTAG console?

A. We include basic instructions with every console we mod. We also have a online forum for our customers  here  that you will have access to if your console is modified by us. We are also available via phone or email to answer any questions you may have

Q. Are you sure I can't use my RGH/JTAG online and not get banned?

A. We do not offer any support for getting modded consoles online. In short you will eventually get banned if you use a modded console on Xbox Live.  If you really want to use Xbox live we suggest you look into using a stealth server to reduce the risk of getting banned like "XBLS Ninja" or "Notxbls" these companies have nothing to do with us and we do not offer support for them. If you want to use them you will need to contact them yourself. 

Q. I am sending my console in to you to get modded what do I need to send?

A. We only need the console and had drive. If you have a phat the hard drive will be clipped on top of the console. If you have a slim with a hard drive it will be behind the removal grill on the bottom of the console. If you have a 4gb slim we can install the required software onto the 4gb storage. If you have a phat without a hard drive you will need to provide a storage device to install the software onto i.e. USB drive. We do not need any cables or controllers.